Using a sauna is a simple way to detox your body on a regular basis, however if the experience is not relaxing and refreshing, you may be doing it wrong! Here are a few tips to get you on the right track for your sauna:

    1. Water Water Water – Water is your best friend for saunas. Your body must be completely (even overly) hydrated in order to sweat out the toxins. Rule of thumb: about 3 pints of water in the hour before, during and after sauna use.
    2. No lotion – You want your skin to be as clear and open as possible to enable your sweating. Lotions can muck up your pores and hinder the detoxing.

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  1. The less clothes, the better! – Wearing minimal clothing will allow all of your skin access to the heat and the act of perspiring. Bathing suits are a great option for a communal sauna.

Use these tips before or after you exercise to contribute to your overall health and enhance your workout!