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Sauna bathing promotes clear, healthy skin,
and relaxes body & mind

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You will be surprised how affordable it is to purchase and install a Steamist steam shower to turn your master bath into a luxurious “home spa”.


  • SM or Total Sense™ Steam Generator

    The Steam Generator fits almost anywhere. The compact design of the Steamist steam generator means it can be easily installed in a vanity, a closet, an insulated attic or basement. Virtually maintenance-free, it’s the heart of your steam shower experience. With Steamist, you have two options: an SM Series generator, or our “TSG” generator for the Total Sense™ Home Spa Collection, which offers the following premium features…


    quietly and continuously modulates steam output using patent-pending Dual Sensor technology to meet your precise steam shower requirements without sudden temperature spikes.


    is a selectable feature which provides quick-response steam in about a minute, to get you into your steambath quickly.


    mobile application provides you with remote control over your Total Sense system from anywhere within your home WiFi network, using your iPhone or Android mobile device.

    Spa Options

    with the Total Sense system allow you to select as many as four Steamist spa options… AromaSense, ChromaSense, ShowerSense or AudioSense.




    Use the Steam Sizing guide to find out which unit you need for your shower or steam bath application.
    Steam Sizing Guide 



    For steamrooms from 100 to 675 cu.ft. Not equipped with SteadySteam and InstaMist features. Not compatible with Total Sense™ components.

    All Steamist Steam Generators have a stainless steel tank for years of dependable service, and are factory-tested before shipment to meet Steamist’s high-quality standards for energy-efficient, money-saving operation.


    SMC-150 Control


    Turn your steambath on and off, use the programmable digital control to set the temperature you prefer. Mounts inside steam shower.


    SMC-120 Control


    Optional control that mounts outside steam room, provides on/off function.

    SM Series Control Packages


    • SMC-150 Control
    • SMC-120 On/Off Control
    • 3199 Steamhead
    • Auto Drain for 240 or 208 Volt
    • Generator Pan

    SM Series Control Package, 240 Volt: Package No. CP-150
    SM Series Control Package, 208 Volt: Package No. CP-151

    Optional Finishes

    The SMC-150 and SMC-120 Controls and the 3199 Steamhead are available in Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, & Oil-Rubbed Bronze.



    3199 Steamhead


    The Steamhead surrounds you in warmth. Delight in even, soothing steam distribution from all four sides, without “hot” or “cold” spots. Introduce aromatherapy essential oils into the steambath from the steamhead’s integrated “well.” Take comfort in the relaxation and invigoration only a Steamist steam head offers. The 3199 steam head comes with every digital temperature control in a matching finish. The steam head can also be ordered separately.








    Complete Experience

    Total Sense is our most complete home spa experience, includes the following features:


    Quietly & Continuously modulates steam output using patent pending Dual Sensor technology to meet your precise steam shower requirements without sudden temperature spikes.


    A selectable feature which provides quick response steam in about a minute to get you into your steam bath quickly.




    Set the mood for your steam bath with Steamist ChromaSense, attitude adjustment for the visual senses, to take advantage of the proven benefits of Chroma therapy.


    The overhead fixture can produce “white light”, as well as six color enhancements.

    Steamist Bliss“Bliss”
    Steamist Bliss“Soulful”
    Steamist Bliss“Harmony”
    Steamist Bliss“Energize”
    Steamist Bliss“Relax”
    Steamist Bliss“Creative”


    The standard finish for the ChromaSense Light Fixture is Polished Chrome.

    Optional finishes for the Trim Ring for the ChromaSense Light Fixture are Brushed Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Polished 24K Gold, Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Bronze.


    Bask in a balm of delicate fragrances that take you away and revive your being. AromaSense adds fragrant essential oils into the steam shower to “Restore, Relax, Renew or Energize” for your pleasure or “Respiratory” to soothe your air passages. Only AromaSense from Steamist stores two different, easily replaceable essential oil canisters, allowing you to make a selection without ever leaving your steam bath. AromaSense™ is the only precision pump system that uses pure undiluted oils pumping just 1/4 of a drop at a time. Each canister will last for months. Five essential oils are available from Steamist, in 120 ml canisters for the AromaSense™ module (sold separately from module), and 10 ml bottles for placing essential oil drops into the “well” built into the 3199 steamhead.



    AudioSense lets you enjoy your favorite music in the steam shower from your smartphone, iPod, iPad or any other Bluetooth-enabled music player from up to 30 feet away.


    The control module is wired to your choice of “Classic” exposed speakers or “Invisible” speakers that mount out of sight and transmit sound through the wall.

    Steamist Speakers

    Model No. TSS-CL,
    Product No. 3200

    Steamist Speakers

    Model No. TSS-IN,
    Product No. 3210




With finger-light touchscreen operation, the TSC-450 sets a new standard for user-friendly steam bath operation allowing for two user profiles programmed with individual settings.

The TSC-450 model comes in your choice of contemporary or traditional design.

The TSC-450 control is equipped with advanced technology to link with the new mySteamist application for your iPhone or Android mobile device.


mySteamist Mobile Application

Use the free mySteamist™ Mobile Application with your TSC-450 Control

The mySteamist mobile application keeps you in touch with your Steamist Total Sense™ Home Spa System, from the convenience of your mobile device.

The latest 3.0 version of the Steamist TSC-450 Digital Control includes a WiFi interface module. The TSC-450 can now be controlled via WiFi connection with your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device, once you download our new mySteamistMobile Application.


With my Steamist and your mobile device, you’ll be able to activate either of the two user profiles programmed into your TSC-450 control, from anywhere within your home WiFi network range.


Designer Finishes

Our designer finishes complement your bathroom décor with matching finishes for the controls and steam head.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 6.10.27 PM



Follow your steam experience with a refreshing shower. The newest addition to Steamist’s spa options lets you use the TSC-450 Digital Control to select either of two different shower temperatures, programmed to match user preferences. Using the TSC-450 Digital Control eliminates the need for separate controls for multiple shower options. In addition, ShowerSense lets you enjoy the shower experience you want through 3 outlets. No need for a separate control or a separate shower valve or diverter valve. Everything is controlled via the electronic valve and TSC-450 Digital Control, such as: water temperature, & up to 3 shower features such as hand held shower, body sprays, & rain shower. Any brand of shower head/hand held shower/body sprays can be used. This spa option is also temperature-compensating and pressure-balanced, to optimize user comfort





Steamist Shower Seat

Tilt-up Wood Bath & Shower Seat

Adds comfort to the steam experience. Natural teakwood with choice of Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Polished Nickel wall mounts.

Weight capacity 250lbs. Seat size 20”W x 13”D

Steamist ADA Seat

ADA Seat

Meets Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Wall-mounted, folds up against wall when not in use. Natural teakwood with chrome plated stainless steel frame.

Weight capacity 250lbs. Seat size 24”W x 15”D

Steamist Generator Pan

Generator Pan

Now included in control packages. Designed for SM and TSG steam generators. One-piece seamless design made from high-temperature impact-resistant resin. Features elevated support for steam generator and solid-brass plumbing connection.

24”W x 11”D x 2”H

Steamist Auto Drain

Auto Drain

Now included in control packages. Includes drain valve that will open automatically to purge the system after the water in the generator’s reservoir cools. Can be field-installed on SM Series or Total Sense TSG Generators.

Steamist On/Off Controls

On/Off Controls

For either Total Sense™ or SM Series, optional on/off controls are available for wall-mounting outside the steam room. With Total Sense, the control can be used to turn on either of the two user profiles.

Steamist Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Steamist offers five blends of pure essential oils, in two sizes.

120 ml Total Sense Canisters for use with the AromaSense Spa Option. AromaSense Module holds two





Steamist offers a broad selection of Steam Generators, Controls and Accessories for any health club, fitness center, hotel, tennis/ racquetball club, day spa or other “commercial” facility that wants its customers to enjoy the convenience and benefits of on-site steam bathing.

These Commercial units are designed to work 12-24 hours a day in demanding conditions.

Control options include a programmable digital pad that controls up 2 rooms from a single boiler. Optional user bypass button allows user to temporarily raise temperature to pre-programmed slightly higher temp. Also allows unit to be set a lower stand-by setting during slow periods of operation and by pressing button rooms activate to normal setting for 30min and again go into stand-by setting to conserve energy.



Aroma Pump System

The AP-100 is a micro-dosing pump designed to work with pure essential oils. Most pump systems on the market today deliver a higher volume of oils diluted by the addition of an emulsifier chemical. The AP-100 delivers the full therapeutic value of un-diluted pure essential oils.

Model No. AP-100, Product No. 68017

Pure Aromatherapy Oils

For use only with AP-100 Aroma Pump System. 1100 ml bottles of pure essential oil, equivalent to 10 liter/2.6 gallons of diluted oil commonly sold by competitors.

Pure Eucalyptus Oil, 1100 ml bottle,
Model No. HC-EUC, Product No. 68018

Pure Lavender Oil, 1100 ml bottle,
Model No. HC-LAV, Product No. 68019

Second Room Package

Includes 2nd User Bypass Control with 50’ cable, 2nd Room Sensor with 50’ cable, 2nd Steam Solenoid pre-assembled to the steam generator, and 2nd Steamhead.

Product No. 68010

Programmable Steamroom Temperature Alert

Digital display with audible alert, secondary remote audible alert, tamperproof lock, heater interrupt relay & test button. Lock feature prevents patrons from changing temperature set-point, prevents alert from sounding & prevents heat from being cut off. The alert cannot be reset until the room cools below the programmed temperature. Interrupt relay disables heater when the audible alarm sounds. Test button is used to check that heater is disabled when alert sounds.

Model No. TA-100, Product No. 68016.

24″ Stand for HC Series Steam Generators

Allows easy access for maintenance and draining.

HC-9 to HC-18, 8 1/2″ x 18″ X 24″H, Product No. 68005
HC-24 to HC-48, 14″ x 25 1/2″ X 24″H, Product No. 68008

ASME Code Blowdown Tank

Permits draining of hot boiler water into the tank for cooling before it is dumped into drainage system. Allows the HC blowdown system to comply with codes that prohibit the discharge of water exceeding 140°F.

Product No. 68007

Digital Automatic Blowdown Valve

DC-ABD, 208V Valve, Product No. 68014
DC-ABD, 240/480V Valve, Product No. 68015



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