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Russian Style Banya Sauna

Sauna bathing promotes clear, healthy skin,
and relaxes body & mind


Russian Style Banya Sauna

material kit pricing w/heater

The Russian Banya Pre-Cut material package is specifically made to include sliding benches for Venik “brooming” and areas to hold the buckets for soaking Venik’s . It includes Vapor barrier, wall + ceiling T&G, Pre-assembled Benches per layout with sliding supports, heater guard Rail, wood floor slats for walking areas, Back rails along walls above top benches, Heavy Duty Floor standing heater designed to hold over 100lbs of Rock and handle water sprinkling of water.

Kit includes the Russian Deluxe accessory package with 4-Hats, 5 gallon bucket to soak Venik, 2 gloves, robe hooks, 4 set essence bottles, head rests, step bench under sliding bench for massage height, Cedar bucket for sprinkling water on stones, wave head rest, 2 deluxe head rests, sauna clock and lamp shade.

Model/ size Benches Heater
RBK-7×7 4 benches 10.5kw Nordic Commercial
RBK-7×8 5 benches 10.5kw Nordic Commercial
RBK-8×8 5 benches 10.5kw Nordic Commercial
RBK-7×10 6 benches 12kw Nordic Commercial
RBK-8×10 6 benches 12kw Nordic Commercial
RBK-10×10 8 benches 12kw Nordic Commercial

Available in Western Red Cedar, Premium Vertical Grain Cedar, Hemlock, Half Logs for design features.


  • Water Bucket filling valve
  • Automatic water Splash on rocks w/ aroma injection
  • Skirts between benches
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