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HygroMatik Soft Steam

Sauna bathing promotes clear, healthy skin,
and relaxes body & mind


HygroMatik Soft Steam for Thermal rooms and European styled Steambath’s

These Units are designed for continuous use and create a non-stop stream of soft steam unlike any other steam generating equipment on the market. Depending on the type of Thermal room you are building add the appropriate accessories for the desired function.

Modern Microprocessor Controls

HygroMatik steam generators are controlled using advanced microprocessors. The powerful 16 bit processors ensure optimum energy use and low maintenance operation by constantly adjusting settings to match the available water quality. The controls can process all common control signals and are very easy to use. Numerous extras such as modular expandability, remote control and additional connection options offer flexible solutions for all steam bath applications. We will be happy to help you by providing detailed instructions that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements on the operation of each unit.

  • Automatic system test
  • Uniform steam production and constant steam bath temperature
  • Programmable power retention
  • Continuous or 1 step temperature control
  • Optional relay board for simultaneous connection and control of fragrance pump, steam bath fan and light
  • 4 line illuminated display
  • 4 function keys for easy operation and parameter setting
  • 5 LEDs for display of operating messages
  • Maximum temperature monitoring with safety switch-off

Steambath with heated seats, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and continuous steam

Hammam rooms with Hammam foam dispensing equipment

Creating Caldron therapy rooms with relaxing benches

Rasual rooms and Mud Clay Therapy steam rooms


  • Aroma injection essence pump 24V.
  • Steam Fan
  • Fog Maker mixing Tube
  • SteamBath Nozzle
  • SteamBath Nozzle with Protective cover
  • Drain Tank -for municipalities where required by code
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