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Pre-Built Sauna

Sauna bathing promotes clear, healthy skin,
and relaxes body & mind


Finnish Modular Saunas – Pre-Built

Nordic’s Finnish Series has quickly become known as one of the best values in traditional saunas. Several unique features make it one of the easiest saunas to own – easy to assemble with True made in Finland sauna heater, yet loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas. Nordic’s goal was to create a value line of traditional Finnish sauna with ease-of-ownership and features similar to European Budget Saunas. The Finnish Sauna Series has, remarkably, achieved those goals. Available in these sizes:

Model/ size Benches heater type
FSM-4×5 2 benches Finn 4.5kw
FSM-4×6 2 benches Finn 4.5kw
FSM-5×5 2 benches Finn 4.5kw
FSM-4×7 2 benches Finn 6kw
FSM-5×6 3 benches Finn 6kw
FSM-6×6 3 benches Finn 6kw
FSM-5×7 3 benches Finn 6kw
FSM-5×8 4 benches Finn 8kw
FSM-6×7 3 benches Finn 8kw
FSM-6×8 4 benches Finn 8kw
FSM-7×7 4 benches Finn 8kw


  • Back Rails above top Bench 2 Bars
  • Upgrade to Deluxe Accessories package
  • Upgrade to All Glass door
  • Upgrade to External Control heater

Plywood Exterior

Painted Exterior
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