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Custom Sauna Kits

Sauna bathing promotes clear, healthy skin,
and relaxes body & mind

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Custom Sauna Kits

Sauna Kits. Custom sauna kits to your desire.

Custom Cut sauna materials to your exact dimensions- We can build anything, let your imagination do the planning. If you have an idea we can realize that, from a sketch, blue print or even collaborate with you to design your perfect sauna.


Designer Hemlock Panel Sauna

One of our saunas featured in March 2015 Issue of Architectural Digest



Wide designer Panels with
deep groove spacing.
Clean Bulk with Stone
wall behind heaters.
Light White wood sauna
with Abachi Benching.
Salt Brick Walls in Sauna.
Glass Fiber Accent Lighting.
Serenity Reclining bench options.
Custom Infrared saunas.
Custom Infrared saunas.
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