Health Benefits of using a Sauna


When you pass the sauna at the gym or spa, you may not realize the full potential a sauna can have on your health. Using a sauna can have an abundance of health benefits. The heat of a sauna relaxes muscles and releases tension from them, this helps sooth aches and pains in the body.

Your body will experience less stress with the muscles in a relaxed state, leading to a better mental state. Anxiety and depression will greatly diminish and increase a positive mindset. Participating in a sauna can also be a social event and a new way to make friends.

The heat of the sauna causes you to sweat, flushing and detoxing the toxins out of your body. This cleanses the skin and clears it from any impurities.

A sauna can also be utilized to maintain a healthy weight by burning calories, and improving cardiovascular performance.

Ultimately using a sauna leaves you with an overall good feeling.

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Fight The Rough Winter With a Home Spa


Protecting Your Skin the Winter Weather

We have a quite a ways to go before winter is over. This means dry, flakey, and dull looking skin is on the rise. Our stress levels increase due to rain, snow and other environmental conditions associated with winter. If we are being honest, the holidays are an exciting but very stressful time for most people.

This means now is the perfect time to introduce comfort and stress relief right in your home. Having a spa in your home is much more affordable than most realize. The sauna you turn to at your local gym or spa can easily be replicated inside the comforts of your own home.

The Benefits of the Steamist Steam Shower

The Steam Generator will fit almost anywhere in the comforts of your home. The compact design of the Steamist steam generator means it can be easily installed in a vanity, a closet, an insulated attic or basement. This luxurious item is virtually maintenance-free. With Steamist, you can choose between an SM Series generator, or our “TSG” generator for the Total Sense™ Home Spa Collection.

SteadySteam™ quietly and continuously modulates steam output using patent-pending Dual Sensor technology to meet your precise steam shower requirements without sudden temperature spikes. This is the ultimate in custom comfort found right at home. It doesn’t get much better than that.

For questions regarding installation or maintenance, feel free to give us a call at Nordic Sauna 1 (818) 787- 4701 or if you’re local to Van Nuys, CA- stop on by!